Matemwe, Zanzibar

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The name itself sounds exotic and out of a romance book: Zanzibar; small island part of Tanzania below the equator. Idyllic beaches, snorkeling galore and superb food: that is the program of this uncommon piece of land.

50 km away from Stonetown, Matemwe Beach is a low-low profile stretch of sand. The beach is governed by tides twice a day. High tide is ideal for swimming in the calm and bath temperature waters. At low tide, you can observe dozens of women cultivating sea weed. Cosmetic labs are using this silicon like texture, marine plant. Very humbling work.

20 minutes away by boat will get you to the most spectacular reef that the Indian ocean has to offer. Snorkeling is easy and will allow you to see the collection of fish featured on Finding Nemo.

Recommended is the hotel Matmwe Beach Resort that is staffed by the most flexible hotel crew. The rooms are up to the best standards and customers are first in everything.

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