Japanese Delicacy

Japanese are known for their food and the finesse for the mouth and for the eyes. But they are certainly not renowned for their desserts. I stumbled on this half vegetarian half organic restaurant which as well as a unique set of main course dishes that an included a onigri stuffed with ‘sour’ prune presented me with a dessert!

To add to the originality, the ‘cheesecake’ is made with tofu instead of cream/milk. There was also a subtle orange peel touch-and-go on the tongue. 良い (Good!)

Sweet version of the feast for the eyes and for the mouth.
Restaurant Le Coccole, Osaka

You will need to copy/paste this address in your Google map to get there: 大阪府大阪市中央区北久宝寺町3-4-1

Check out their website: http://le-coccole.jp/

Posted from Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

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