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Land of the rising sun. Japan is authentically untouched and preserved. Not preserved from technology or uncharted territories, far from that. However, it might be the last country to have kept a true original culture that feels entirely uninfluenced by surrounding nations or any others for that matter. It offers a genuine traveling experience in one of the safest country in terms of people.

The discipline, the rigor and, well, honor are the keywords to picture Japanese people. They are also stubbornly kind by nature and maybe also by protocol. Either way, that’s great for a traveler feeling like he/she is the only tourist around.

This often is the case even in Tokyo where you can make hours of wandering without crossing the path of another westerner.

Transportation is expensive but the food is relatively cheap (not south-east asia cheap but affordable to many standards). However, be ready to have a hard time putting something you want on your plate if you have a special regime (i.e. vegan/vegetarian).

The country itself comes with pretty tropical beaches to extravagant snow-covered peaks, all that within reach of a day thanks to the Shinkansen.

Recommended trip for everyone that likes to have everything kept tidy and clean.

Posted from Chiisagata District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

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