Edinburgh, Scotland

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End of June is a time of year when you know the weather is getting sweeter in terms of temperatures for Europe. Scottish people tend to agree to that with their own standards. First day of summer and a chilly night is no surprise to them. That does not discourage them to wear the traditional kilt for the special occasions like a marriage or, for instance, prom night.

At the center of Scotland, Edinburgh is easily accessible via its stress free international airport which is 20 pounds away from city center by taxi or 3.50 by a revamped two-story high bus.

The town offers a lot of old stones construction that seems to have inspired the props of several theme parks.

Carlton Hill offer the best view on the city, the port and the castle. For a more in-depth visit of the city, wait until dark to catch cool lighting on those buildings that were preserved from destruction during WWII (unlike other British locations). Skip the port that offers little touristic interest and is rather far from other city attractions. Not recommended as well is the Castle visit with a prohibitive 16 pounds entrance fee. Prefer the Camera Obscura visit which offers five floors of optical illusions and other whatnot that will make you reconsider your sense of perception.

The Indian community guarantees plenty of vegetarian food options although traditional meal w/o meat or fish is not difficult to find.

Scotland is giving you all it has Captain!

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